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Above: Geltas Hierarchy at 15 months of age

See "stock for sale" page for more info.

Sire of several of the 2015 sale bulls

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Geltas Hierachy

Sire of the Champion Trade exhibit at the 2016 Scottsdale Show        A Balancer Heifer (Gelbvieh x Angus) Congratulations to the exhibitors       The Knight Family

Left : Geltas Pauline H85 at 13 months

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Posted 5 March 2016

Have listed sale bulls on the stock for sale page.

Have a look and decide which bull you like the best

Posted 16th June 2015 A wonderful opportunity last Friday when we drove from Melbourne to NSW, just over the border from Swan Hill, to select some Gelbviehs from the Mellool herd which is being sold. With over 25 years of breeding behind them it was a pleasure to walk through these cattle and pick out what we would like to take back home with us. Not an easy task as we left so many magnificent cattle behind. Great news is that most of the cattle are going to other breeders and also to begin a new stud.

Can't wait to get them home and anxiously await Spring when they are due to calve.

Posted 8th June 2015. An ordinary season has created a huge demand for fodder. I have sold most of my "stored for sale" fodder as well as quite a bit of outsourced fodder. Have been hand feeding cattle since March because of the lack of paddock feed. Sold all the weaned steer calves for an excellent price and all but a handful of replacement heifers were also sold, plus a hard culling of the cows. Last years steers have been fattened and are booked in to the processors to go next week at $4.80 a kg.

Posted 11 May 2015.

Wow, how time flies. No sooner finished baling and thought we had finished hay deliveries to all standing orders then March turned nasty and the promising showers, that looked like giving us an early Autumn break, stopped and we experienced a green drought. Wasn't long before phone calls recommenced as clients were looking for more bales to ensure they had enough to get them through the Winter. Good rains last weekend prior to Agfest Field Days week has eased the pressure, so we set about weaning calves. Surprise, surprise, Hadn't had a chance to look at the bull calves for quite some time, just leave a bale in their feeder every couple of days and off to another job. 

They have done extremely well and the Geltas Hierarchy (see photo above) calves a sight to behold. Thick and soft and wonderfully quiet to work with in the yards. After a week in the yards on silage and oaten hay I'll take them to the home block and throw a halter on some of them and start thinking about selecting a show team. Their mothers will go into the warmth of the bush for the winter and be fed on grass straw to supplement the native pastures. They will join the rest of the dry cows that have been away on agistment. These are what were previously an Autumn calving mob which have been held over so all our cows will now calve in the Spring.

For the last couple of months we have been having the weekends off and going to our new house that we have built at Port Sorell, an hours drive away on the North West coast. Plenty of tidy up jobs still to do and have made a start on landscaping. Nice to sit on the deck at days end and look out over the rippling waters toward the National Park in the distance.

The first of May was a very special day when Tim and Rachael became proud parents with the birth of Penelope Jane our own very special little princess.

Posted 3 February 2015.

We are nearing the end of a very long and busy harvest season. We started baling silage the first week in September and have been busy ever since. Only a few baling jobs left and now busy delivering bales to clients. Biggest season ever for Silage and possibly also Straw, but one of the lightest hay seasons for a very long time. Hope to be able to find time to update you on the recent Spring show season and our successes and also preview some of the excellent young bulls which are coming along nicely. Sorry it has been so long since my last posting.

Posted 12th August 2014

Just returned home after 5 great days at the Ekka in Brisbane (Queensland Royal Show). 2014 is the year of Gelbvieh Youth and it was my privilege to announce the Executive committee and general committees that form Gelbvieh Youth Australia (GYA) and will lead the breed into the next generation. And they led by example, commencing in the judging ring. All the Gelbviehs were handled by youth members and top award of Grand Champion Gelbvieh Exhibit was awarded to the junior and grand champion female exhibited by first time exhibitor at Brisbane, Aaron Randall of Queensland, pictured at left. Later in the day Aaron was announced as Chairman of GYA.

On Sunday the National finals of the junior beef handlers and junior beef judging were held and what a triumph for Tasmania with Maddy Page of Sheffield winning the handlers final and Chelsea Rayner of Beulah being runner up in the judging. Congratulations to all involved on a great effort.

Posted 21st July 2014

A while since the last post and things are still chugging along nicely. Winter has thrown us a bit of everything. We've had three lots of snow on the mountains, unusual so early in the season, the wattles are in bloom already and there is still some growth in the pastures despite several very severe frosts. Some heavy falls of rain have resulted in high traffic areas becoming quite muddy at times. An excellent oat crop is keeping the replacement heifers steaming along. Dry cows are sheltering on the warm dry banks in the bush blocks with an ongoing supply of quality grass seed straw to munch on to keep their bellies full. Cows with autumn calves are grazing sheltered pastures with hay and silage supplements. No poppy contracts this year because of a reduction by the processors requirements so drilled another two paddocks of oats. Hoping for one grazing before the paddocks are shut up to produce oaten hay to fill dairy contracts.

The show team are looking good and we expect to do first clip this weekend, weather permitting. The boys are just like any young fellows. Always have an eye on the heifers over the fence and the other eye on the feed station. Heifers are developing well and we are pleased with the way the team look.

Hoping to get the camera out again soon and get some pics.

Posted 9th June 2014

Triple treat. Finalised the sale of 3 bulls today. Geltas Headline , Geltas Jedi the Force (pictured on left) and Geltas Balancer J56 have all been sold into an Angus herd to commence a Balancer program. All the bulls are black and all are sired by DLW Wardon

Posted 1st June 2014

A day in the yards with the new show team. What a pleasure it is to work with these cattle. Tied up in the race 2 weeks ago for the first time. Today was their 2nd go. Out into the yard, tied up the fence then brushed, and finally a lead around the yard for all six of them before being released back to their paddock.

Nineteen weeks to go before the first show so slow and steady it goes and hope the winter weather is kind so the cattle reach their full potential.

Photo of Rachael and Geltas Jabbawocky, only the second time in the yards for both of them.

Posted 30th May 2014

Finished weaning, weighing, and needles. This is the top weight gain calf weighing 380kg with an average daily weight gain after birth of 1.40 kg/day. GTBJ056 is a Balancer sired by DLW Wardon.

Already he is showing a lot of thickness and softness and with oodles of length. If you would like to inspect this calf and any of the his paddock mates get in contact with us and arrange a suitable time to visit.

We still have some very handy bulls available to go straight to work.

If you are not amazed when you see the cattle you must be very hard to impress

Balancer J56 (pictured) also Geltas Jedi the Force have been sold

Posted 19th May 2014

Hand feeding is full on and what a difference a few cooler days make to the time the mouths spend at the hay feeder .

Time to start breaking calves ready for the Spring shows which begin in September. Started off with nine head, 5 bulls, 2 heifers and 2 led commercials for hoof and hook plus 6 unled steers for commercial competitions at various venues. Not forgetting a pretty handy cow with an absolute ripper of a bull calf. We will watch how they develop with much anticipation. Bulls to look for at show time will be Jagermeister and Jabbawocky, and of cause Jedi the Force who won in the calf classes last year. Don't you just love finding names that challenge the microphone steward's pronunciation skills. Photo is Geltas Jabbawocky GTPJ069 by CIRS Decade

Posted 16 April 2014

The rain received at the end of last month has given the country side a lovely green look and the warm days are promoting some growth. Fertilised all the pastures and the oats we sowed early in the month are starting to take hold.

Calving is progressing well, the AI mob almost finished. Some exciting bull calves to select from in the future. Our Show cow for this year calved at the weekend and is looking good. Pregnancy tested last week and then weighed and yard weaned all the Spring born calves. Took 6 bull calves to the home block and put them onto silage in preparation for halter breaking and then selection for the show team.

Posted 30th March 2014

After 12 days its time to think about heading home again. Been a very productive time with an excellent AGM and farm tour weekend in the Gippsland area of Victoria. Saw some great cattle and caught up with old friends and met some new ones. Congratulations to Larry Cutler on being awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Australian Gelbvieh Association for services to the breed. Larry was manager of the Ebony Lodge Gelbvieh stud for almost 20 years until it was dispersed in 2010.

I then spent 2 relaxing days on the Mornington Peninsular with friends before heading back to Gippsland.

Called at the Pakenham Sale Complex and watched a bit of the store cattle sale. Satisfactory prices, considering many of the cattle were showing the effects of the extended dry period. Then on to Farmworld Field Days for 3 days. Good numbers however interest in the beef cattle displays was well down on normal. Some breeds even run a sausage bbq stall, presumably to raise a bit of money for breed promotion. Talked cattle, talked genetics, visited AI stands to discuss semen imports etc. and exchanged ideas to expand the breed. Huge machinery displays so had to check them out. My head was saying I don't need any new gear and my heart was saying how great the new models are, will be an interesting development over the next few weeks as the Field Days move to Tasmania in 5 weeks time. Calving has started at home and the first for the season is a full brother to Geltas Heirarchy, our successful young bull at last years shows. You can find details on Hierarchy in the For Sale section.

Posted March 2014

It's almost the end of March and we haven't had a rain since early December. Hand feeding the cattle and Autumn calving will commence soon. All the crops are harvested except the potatoes, so we can now shift the irrigation to grassland and create a false Autumn break to start some feed growing for the calves which will soon be weaned. Time to prepare paddocks for Autumn sown oats to produce winter feed and also prepare paddocks for poppies to be sown in a couple of months.

Show team this year looks like being 2 heifers, a cow and calf plus young bulls, probably finish up with 3, but will halter break a few more as back ups. Our first show of the season will be at the end of September.

Also hoping to select some steers to enter in Rockhampton Beef in May 2015. Tasmanian entries from our bull clients did so well in 2012 we thought we should help fly the banner.

THE PAST YEAR (2013) has been another period of building numbers and consolidation of the Gelbvieh breed in Tasmania.

The enquiry for bulls is encouraging in what could best be described as an off-the-pace bull-selling year, with both clearances and average prices down for most breeds, compared to recent years.

Balancer bulls are finding homes in herds new to the Gelbvieh and Composite breeds.

Four heifers and two bulls were purchased at the Crystal Creek stud dispersal sale in Victoria during May. It is sad to lose Kevin Nixon from the stud scene, as he was an enthusiastic promoter of the Gelbvieh breed. No doubt there comes a time when retirement calls, so we wish Kevin all the best as he spends more time enjoying his other interests.

The progeny of two new AI sires introduced into our herd has resulted in calves born in 2012 and 2013 that are being closely watched to see how they develop. A junior bull sired by CIRS Decade created a lot of interest and drew many favourable comments with a successful Spring Show season.

Geltas Hierarchy won champion bull at all shows attended, and was also very competitive in interbreed classes, just missing out on a win on a couple of occasions.

Geltas Pauline H85 also had a very successful season, being champion heifer at all shows and managing two seconds and two thirds in interbreed competition.

There has been good interest shown for bulls and we expect to gain new members as a result of the exposure gained by the breed at the shows.

Launceston Royal Show Gelbvieh results:

Junior and Grand Champion Female: Geltas Pauline H85, sired by JPDP Astro..

Reserve Junior Heifer: Geltas Dark Lady H106, sired by DLW Wardon.

Senior Champion Female: Golden Gate Shady G16, sired by JDPD Astro.

Junior and Grand Champion Bull: Geltas Hierarchy,sired by CIRS Decade.

Reserve Junior Bull: Fairlight Centurion, sired by JDPD Astro.

Best calf born after July 1, 2013: Geltas Jedi The Force, sired by DLW Wardon.

Geltas Pauline H85 stood third in a very strong interbreed heifer class, with 14 breeds represented.

“Our Gelbvieh heifer keeps getting beaten by our Red Angus heifer, and our Charolais junior bull beat our Gelbvieh bull last weekend".