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June 2019 A dry and cold start to Spring resulted in reduced amounts of fodder being conserved, then poor early Autumn rains did little to boost pasture growth heading into Winter. As a result I have already sold out of all lines. Only have enough to fill standing orders. 3 years of drought on the East Coast and on the North East corner has created an increased demand and I have supplied up to double the normal amount to clients in these areas.

March 2018 Finished baling and most of the deliveries. Strong demand for hay, as there was not a lot made in many areas because of the dry season and poor growth. I managed to obtain a good supply of hay of varying qualities but about 400 rolls have already been spoken for with delivery pre Winter. Have a few hundred grass straw still for sale but most was sold straight off the header. Prices are still reasonable and when Winter arrives expect demand and prices to increase as there doesn't appear to be a lot been stored. Many places have been feeding bales to cattle since January. I also have access to several hundred old seasons hay and some of this has already been spoken for. I guess my message is "If you are looking to buy hay for later in the year, don't wait too long or you may find it hard to secure"

Posted August 2017         We still have some hay and straw round bales for sale 5x4

Pasture hay, 1st year grass and clover $60 inc. GST Oaten hay $60 inc. GST

Short rotation Ryegrass straw $33 inc. GST and Perenial Ryegrass straw $40 inc. GST

Cart your own or we can deliver at an extra charge. Call Denis for more details

0418 134540

Posted 18 March 2016

We currently have 50 5X4 rounds of wheaten hay available for sale at $120 plus GST per bale. This is all that is left of over 700 which were mostly pre sold. Also available on behalf of a client 50 4.25 X 4 rolls of millet silage

Will not be releasing any more rolls until at least June once we know what the season is like and we have done a stock take and know how many we will need to fill our standing orders.

If you think you will need any rolls we are happy to put you on a waiting list and will advise you what is available at a later date. First on gets first option to purchase.

We are sold out of Lucerne and Wheat straw.

Fodder 2015-16

If you thought hay was hard to buy last season then prepare yourself for an even tougher one this year. Grass hay is very scarce in most areas and quickly taken if offered for sale. They is a limited supply of cereal hay and silage in some areas mainly from dryland crops which would not have filled enough if left for grain.

For Sale

Wheaten hay    Limited supplies in 4x4 rounds and 5x4 rounds

I expect to have good supplies of barley and wheat straw in 5x4 rounds once harvesting begins in the next few weeks.

All grass hay and grass straw and oaten hay is reserved for regular customers.

Fodder for Sale 2014-15

Early indications are that many areas conserved very little hay last season and unless we experience an excellent Autumn break demand for fodder may well exceed supply. That can only mean one thing, prices will continue to rise as supply diminishes.

We currently have the following available for sale. Delivery is available if required.

Available in 5' x 4' round bales and net wrapped

Lucerne Hay: excellent quality,     SOLD OUT

Oaten Hay: premium quality, weed free, irrigated.      SOLD OUT

Oat and Ryegrass Hay: excellent quality, weed free     SOLD OUT

Oat and ryegrass Hay: very good quality with some common pasture weed   SOLD OUT

Pasture Hay: Ryegrass and clover base     SOLD OUT

Ryegrass Straw: excellent quality, irrigated, weed free, grown from certified seed. SOLD

Pasture silage: 4' x 4' round bales individually wrapped SOLD OUT

Available in small square bales

Lucerne hay: premium quality, irrigated, weed free SOLD OUT

Pea straw: from dry harvest peas, suitable for garden mulch. $7 per bale

Grass hay: large bales sold in multiples of 20 @ $7.50 per bale

Contact    Denis Dobson    Mobile 0418 134540 email     [email protected]

March 2017

Goods supplies of most fodder lines, mostly 5x4 rounds and a few small squares available.

Will list details shortly

All standing orders have been filled and the balance into storage. Within 2 weeks more orders started coming in so back onto deliveries.

Word is there is a lot of hay about, but there is also a fair bit being fed already so if the season continues as it is, and many feel it will, then hay might well be in short supply before the end of winter.